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KoKo Lashes "Soho"
KoKo Lashes "Soho"

KoKo Lashes "Soho"

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KoKo Lashes 'Soho' are more natural lashes that are so comfortable to wear!  These longer lashes are made with a thin clear band, which makes it easy to apply.  Some of the lashes are scattered across the thin clear band in a cluster pattern which creates volume when worn.  Great for a more natural everyday wear!

  • Wispy tips
  • Lightweight
  • Cruelty-free

KoKo Lashes are handmade with human hair and high quality synthetic fibers.  They look and feel like natural lashes.  There is a KoKo Lashes style for everyone! Suits any eye shape and great way to enhance already beautiful eyes!