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Skindinavia® The Post-Makeup Recovery Spray

Skindinavia® The Post-Makeup Recovery Spray

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Skindinavia’s Post-Makeup Recovery Spray is formulated to revitalize your skin. This bridge between makeup and skincare fights breakouts while boosting skin with age-defying vitamins and nutrients for an immediate glow, with long-term skin benefits.

FACE HYDRATING SPRAY: Our easy-to-use and highly effective formula quickly delivers a boost of key nutrients including powerhouse mineral zinc as well as magnesium and willow bark. Our spray is clinically-proven to help prevent breakouts and open clogged pores.

AFTER MAKEUP SPRAY: After a full day of makeup wear, your skin in tired! Used immediately after makeup removal, or in between makeup changes, top pro makeup artists and influencers agree, our after makeup spray gives your skin a healthy glow…so you’re ready to go again!

Our Face Hydrating Facial Spray - The Flawless Facts:.

Our Post-Makeup Recovery Spray is formulated to revitalize your skin and fight breakouts while adding a boost of age-defying key vitamins and nutrients. A winning combination…fight breakouts, get your glow on and soak up the long-term skin benefits!
The Flawless Facts:
  • Our Ultra-fast penetrating after makeup spray formula is applied when pores are most receptive to nutrients, within five minutes of removing your makeup.
  • Our hero ingredient: ZINC. Research shows supplementing skin with zinc can reduce breakouts by 50%.
  • Zinc protects skin’s lipids and fibroblasts (the cells that make collagen) and reduces oil production, preventing clogged pores
  • Developed in conjunction with top makeup artists looking to keep skin clear and luminous between makeup applications.
  • All SKINDINAVIA products are paraben-free.

How to Use: Shake Well. Holding the bottle 8-10 inches from your freshly washed face, spray 2-4 pumps in an “X” an a “T” pattern. Bye-bye breakouts … hello hydrated, glowing skin. - 118ml size will last about 90 days of daily use.